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Exclusive interview with Adce!

Hey, what in the world are you?

My name is Adce, and I am a mascot. It's that simple.

Adce! ?

Sounds funny, doesn't it? Just pronounce it "Ud-tzah" and everyone will think you're a Berliner!

Well, where does your funny name come from?

You don't know nothin', do you? But perhaps this is your first visit, so let me tell you a few things about us. I like doing that, you know?
'My' company is called ADC Consulting GmbH, we're a development and consulting company for SAP software.
Ever since I appeared on one of our monitors, everyone calls me Adce!. And because everyone's busy, I'm chatting with visitors to our web site.

What's your job at ADC Consulting GmbH?

I check to see if everybody's allright and I try to make people smile. Sometimes i'm even a little mischevious, when I sneak up to our developers and try to find out what they're programming all day long.

What sort of stories can you tell me about ADC Consulting GmbH?

To answer that question, I set up different sections in our web site. Try clicking HERE, and I'll give you general information about ADC Consulting. You'll learn about my company, its history. And if you think about joining our team, that's the right link for you as well.
If you're interested in hearing about our daily work,I'd say you rather click HERE. I'm pretty sure you'll have questions you don't find an answer for in our web site. Well, simply write me! I promise I'll call you back.

What does ADC Consulting GmbH do?

ADC Consulting GmbH is a development and consulting company for SAP software. In other words, we try to find out what sort of business solution our customers, be it small, medium or large enterprises, need and we do the programming necessary to solve most problems.
If you want to hear more about SAP, click HERE. This software product is so big that every developer usually is specialized on one of its areas.
All team members support their customers in establishing a SAP solution, so they're travelling a lot. My human colleagues fly or drive. Being a dragon, I FLY, of course... through the internet.

What's the difference between a developer and a consultant?

Well, they should have a lot in common, like knowing how to find solutions for complex problems, or working with the customer in mind, being flexible or liking to travel.
The consultant supports a company in establishing new software. He analyzes business processes and reproduces those processes within SAP software. The developer is responsible for programming add-on programs compatible with any other system. If there's a gap, he will try to find ways to link incompatible systems.
Who works for ADC Consulting and what do they do?

That's easy. Click HERE and follow me as I introduce everyone to you.
Wow, you're a really young team!

It just happened to be that way... :-)
What's a good age to apply for a job?

Look at me! I was born in March 2001 and I'm allowed to work here! It just matters that you know your stuff - no matter how old you are.
What do you mean - stuff? What qualifications does ADC Consulting expect?

It's important to have a broad experience in working with business software, business processes or programming. And of course, ADC Consulting is looking for people who blend in the team well.
Do applicants have to be masters in their field?

ADC Consulting GmbH is proud to offer professional and vocational training for its employees. Nobody should be afraid to apply, because everybody starts off small. A good team offers support for every member, and that's what we do.
What to know more about that? Click HERE.
What do you do besides hanging around this web site?

Look HERE, I'll show you that we're not only a team during office hours. You'll be surprised! Thanks for asking so many questions! Now it's your turn to decide where you want me to take you next... Enjoy!